a-i Computer Solutions Remote Support

Have you had your computer worked on at our shop recently but aren’t sure about something? Or perhaps you have a problem but don’t have time to swing by one of our stores? We now offer remote support!

To start, give one of our stores a call. Then, follow the technician’s instructions.

If you need to download the a-i Remote tool, click here.

Please Note: If you have a slow internet connection (commonly caused by using an out-of-town ISP), the a-i Remote tool may not work correctly, or at all. We recommend bringing computers in to our store in these situations, as if we support a computer remotely over a slow connection, the technician is solely reserved for that support and the time will be billed accordingly.

By downloading the tool you are agreeing to the below terms.

  • Remote support is offered at our standard remote hourly rate, at the discretion of the technician.
  • Remote support can be declined or stopped at the discretion of the technician, as some issues simply cannot be fixed remotely.