How to re-enable free-access sharing on a Windows 10 computer after a build upgrade:

  1. Find your “network” icon in the bottom right of the screen, down by the clock. The following images will show several varieties of network icon on the far left:
    1. If you are connected to a wired network, it will look like this:
    2. If you are connected to a wireless network, it will look like this:
    3. If you are not connected at all, it will look like this (you should probably figure out why you’re not connected, as it will not work correctly until you do):
  2. Right-click on this icon, which should provide a menu that looks like this:
  3. Click “Open Network & Internet Settings”
  4. In the new window that comes up, scroll down and click “Sharing options”.
  5. If “All Networks” isn’t already expanded, click the downward facing arrow to expand it.
  6. Scroll down. There will be a section titled “Password protected Sharing”.
  7. Check the radio button next to “Turn off password protected sharing”, and click “Save changes”.


You should now be able to access shared folders on this computer, from any other computer on the same network, without having to type a username and password. If this doesn’t work, give a-i a call; there are occasionally strange edge cases where the settings won’t save or the sharing won’t work in the first place.